The Kingdom of fools produces constructs, creates, originates, manufactures, authors, engenders, assembles, blossoms, directs, fabricates, formulates, generates, fructifies, gives birth to, bears the fruit of, provides for, prepares, renders, yields, extends, prolongs, reproduces, stages, manages, supports, delivers, broadcasts, performs, circulates, publishes, exhibits, propagates and takes part in life. 

This sometimes manifests in art exhibitions,  Great Games, an online tv series and a secret eso-exoteric revelesance which you can join if you wish to save the world.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Fools.

This is Where I live.

Ich bin (ein Berliner said Kennedy), which means “I am” in German. And my name is –  The Simple Fool – because I know that it is actually quite simple, but I’m too complicated to understand it. This makes me simply “a” fool striving to achieve the natural state of “the” simple fool, which is difficult because such a state of absurdity requires truth, which like goodness and beauty, is hard to come by.

So as of yet I am still only, simply, “a” fool. But I choose to go by my full name (which could also be yours if you wish) “The Simple Fool” in an attempt to remind myself of who I (really) AM. And You: Him – Her – Us – Them. This refers to the fundamental tension between autonomy and unity.

How can the uniqueness of the individual and the sameness of the whole represent a single nature within the existence of one being?

In The Kingdom of Fools this tension is understood and resolved through the negation of both, which is also the creation of both. This is represented by the absence of everything as well as the limitless possibility of original creation within the freedom of the never-ending circle that is the number zero.

It is where the red thread sews all the members of the kingdom together, one by one in accordance with the law of seven degrees of separation, and where every member is a unique member of a humanity that, in the absurd and graced state of the fool, shares the name “I am”.

This is our Kingdom – a naive and at times ambiguous commentary on the difference between wisdom and idiocy within the state of our world today.