Some things

just have to be experienced.

Great Games to date:

“Every Contact Leaves its Trace” Masters Exhibit, Kunsthalle Basel /Café Mitte, Basel Switzerland (2016)
Curated by Chus Martines and Lysann Kônig. -Six hour performance 

“Remember Why”, Volks/Margareten Theater, Vienna, Austria (2016). Dance Web/Impulse Tanz research project Mentors Tino Segahl and Louise Hojer. One hour performance.

The Great Game is a research project to create a site and context specific multidisciplinary performance exhibit for any venue (theater, blackbox, museum, house, school, park…).


Using The Art of the Fool as inspiration, a Company of trained Players performs as experts of the game. They use a combination of choreographed sequences that include spontaneous improvisations as well as rehearsed pieces to “play”.


Performances take place in The Great Hall, which is created wherever the company is present and they may  last from 2 -6 hours or extend over a weekend. They will be regularly recorded and made public.


This game is a mirror within the mirror that is the game of life and our goal is to be here now. Our task is the Great Work of remembering and creating the history and prophesy of The Game.